Current status

Some systems are experiencing minor outages
Planned maintenance
Node 1 US
Minor outage
Node 2 EU
Minor outage
Node 3 EU
Minor outage
Discord Bots
BunnyBot - InDev
BunBuns Services

Planned maintenance

Updating Panel

We're updating the panel to make your life better! Panel will be faster soon. For the time being we're extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused by it being disabled as we can not allow database modifications.

Past incidents

Services retiring soon

As we are scaling down our current operations these services will be getting removed from our servers soon.

Server was not restored successfully.

Server was not restored successfully. We have deployed a new node in it's place.

Drive Failure

No ETA! Currently Our main storage drive has failed. We are working with our provider to solve the issue whoever the server data may have been lost!


We'll be updating our node software

Panel Maintenence

We are updating our panel.
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